UFC London did not go my way. I am traveling home deeply disappointed and have to lick my wounds. A deep cut next to my left eye marked the beginning of the end. I was bleeding heavily and was only able to see white out of my left eye. I was concerned for my eyesight and protecting the eye became my priority. I stopped improving my position and the referee rightfully stopped the fight, regardless whether there was only one second left on the clock or not.

Things didn’t work out well before either: Throwing one of my very first combinations, I ran into his counter right hand and went down. I wasn’t able to pull off any of my submission attacks and even though I fought offensively, I did it way too often from disadvantageous positions.

I am disappointed because a lot of the mistakes I made could have been avoided. I believe that the knockdown put a brake on my offense on the feet and I became overcautious and only attacked using single strikes. I should have gone for the takedown earlier like my corner instructed me to. But like the saying goes: Shoulda, coulda, woulda…

It is too early for me to come up with an objective analysis of the fight since my disappointment is very profound, but I am already able to say one thing: The reason for the defeat was certainly not my preparation and my fantastic team. I was in perfect condition and had an outstanding support staff on the ground as well my fans who – again – cheered me on loudly as always.

I f*cked up myself. I believe that I allowed myself to be held back too much by the first knockdown. The punch caught me right on the button and switched my lights out for a second. This was an experience I had to make for the first time. I didn’t go all out on the offense afterwards, but instead thought way too much about possible counterattacks. This was a mistake on my part.

You have to let bygones be bygones and as a fighter, you always have to look ahead and learn from your mistakes quickly. I wasn’t able to do that and perhaps that’s exactly the quality which distinguishes a good fighter from a great one… I will soon get back together with the most important people around me and do an in-depth and hard-hitting analysis of the fight. But for the time being, I have to pull back.

Thanks for all your incredibly kind messages and the huge support! I received thousands of messages and cannot reply to all of them, but you can rest assured that I will at least read every single one of them during the next couple of days. One Love!
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